Maine Police Patrol Competition

11/21/2012 -

Across the country, law enforcement personnel participate in challenges testing their endurance, physical fitness and technical skills. In Portland, Maine, a recent challenge was created to test the skills unique to patrol officers. Taking their lead from the regional SWAT team competitions, Portland officers Rick Ray, Jake Titcomb and Dan Hondo set out to create a physical and mental challenge that would test the limits of officers, while at the same time creating an opportunity for smaller municipal departments and county agencies to train and socialize together. The event was such a success that plans are in the making for an expanded version next year.

Five teams, with an average of eight officers, tested their limits against their colleagues from all over Maine. The challenge was co-hosted in Southern Maine by the Scarborough Maine Fish & Game Club, and took place at five ranges, including the on-site range at Portland Police headquarters. The teams competed in seven events over two days, with the winner being decided by the best overall time score.

The first day was a firearms competition in round-robin style so each team could pick the member best suited for the event. Low-light shooting, simulated K9 track, room entry and iron-sight rifle testing at multiple distances tested each team’s abilities. The day ended with a dinner for competitors, and a chance to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Scarborough Fish and Game Range officer, Bob Chandler noted that " the membership often sees these officers training at the facilities and it was great to get the chance to see their high level of skill and motivation and then, as sponsors, to be able to support them."

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The second day was a grueling physical fitness challenge that took each team member on a 5K run with fifteen different obstacles, including swamp crossings, rifle reassembly, mud crawls and memory challenges – each event comprised an endurance challenge opportunity. Every officer involved agreed the best part of the event was the interaction and camaraderie gained from training and competing with a group of highly-dedicated law enforcement officers. Retired Maine State Police and Chief Range Safety Officer for Scarborough Fish and Game, Bob Chandler, described their role of co-host as “a wonderful opportunity for all of us to work together and see the camaraderie among the departments. We look forward to seeing even more departments out here next year.”

For more information on next year’s competition, please contact officers at their
email addresses:, or Teams for the 2013 Patrol Combat Marksmanship Challenge can be comprised of military, federal, reserve and full- time Maine law enforcement officers.