Why We Have Canine Teams

10/1/2012 - Congratulations and good job to Officer Christian Stickney and his K9 partner "Taz" ! He and a back -up officer were dispatched to a Central Maine Power property where CMP had been experiencing thefts of copper wire worth thousands of dollars. A security officer spotted two suspects in the area and called the police. Officer Stickney arrived with his back up and spoke to the security guard. The guard pointed to an area where he had seen them last. Officer Stickney got Taz out for a possible track of the suspects. While walking up to the area in order to start the track, Taz suddenly began to bark at some bushes off to the side. There in the bushes were the two suspects who had gone to the ground in an attempt to hide. Officer Stickney found burglar tools and other evidence. Later, Taz also "back tracked" and located the suspect's vehicle. The two suspects were arrested and linked to the past thefts of copper wire. Good job!