Press Release

August 13, 2012
Indecent Conduct Arrest
At approximately 0030 hours, August 13, 2012, Steven Ricci DOB: 03-02-1964 was arrested for the crimes of Indecent Conduct and Disorderly Conduct at his residence, 915 Brighton Avenue.

At approximately 2030 hours on August 12, 2012, an off duty Portland Police officer observed Steven Ricci outside his Brighton Avenue home wearing nothing but underwear.

On duty officers responded to the area but did not immediately locate Ricci. A short time later Ricci was observed by officers sitting on his front porch naked, masturbating approximately twenty feet from passing traffic’s view on Brighton Avenue.

Ricci retreated into his residence when officers approached to arrest him and initially refused to surrender. Ricci was arrested without incident after several minutes of communicating with officers through his locked door.

On August 4, 2012, Ricci was released from the Cumberland County Jail where he had been serving a seven month sentence for Probation Violation and Disorderly Conduct. This conviction and sentence involved similar behavior by Ricci.

Ricci is not currently on probation.

Indecent Conduct and Disorderly Conduct are Class E crimes.

Ricci’s bail has been set $160.00 cash.

The information presented here is preliminary and subject to change. In the interest of providing information to the media and the public, we wanted ensure that you had as much information as quickly as possible. It is possible that this information may change as the investigation continues.