High Honors for PPD Cheverus Graduate

3/26/2012 - The Magis Award-Honoring those who have achieved excellence as people for others. The Magis Award is presented to Cheverus High School graduates, current or former staff members, or former members of the Board of Trustees who exemplify the Jesuit ideals of extraordinary competence and personal compassion in their chosen field or volunteer endeavors: ideals for which alumni and members of the Cheverus High School community have long been known.

In the span of his 14-year career as a public servant, Kevin has distinguished himself as an Officer with the Portland Police Department, governed by a strong work ethic, compassion and empathy for others, and a desire to help better our community improving life for everyone.

Kevin has received over 30 awards, commendations and commendatory letters, including the 2010 Robert B. Ganley Public Service Award and the 2011 City of Portland Employee of the Year award. He has earned the respect and the admiration of his colleagues, his friends, the Cheverus community, and the people he comes into contact with on a daily basis.