PPD Recognized as a Patriotic Employer

2/6/2012 - We are very proud of the many Portland officers who have served overseas. We have had officers in both Iraq and Afghanistan and it is always a good feeling to have them back home. Many of our officers are part of the 4200 men and women who serve in the National Guard and Reserve Forces from Maine. Chief Sauschuck accepted an award in January 2012 naming the department as a Patriotic Employer for our efforts to support and accommodate the police employees who serve. Recently the Department established a protocol, with recommendations from national best practices and the input from our employees who have served, that will give us the guidelines we will need when an employee deploys. Please contact the department's Personnel office at 874-8588 for more information.

Patriotism and a dedication to service is part of the make-up of Maine people. Per capita, Maine has the second highest veterans population - a testament to the work ethic of Maine people. The state also suffers from that commitment as we have the highest per capita number of those killed in action since 9/11. We continue to honor those that serve and value their commitment.

The Portland Police Department has an authorized strength of 162 sworn officers and 48 of them have either served or are serving in the military. Our Chief, Michael J. Sauschuck was a member of the USMC for five years before being hired by the Portland POlice Department in 1997.