Survey Results of State-Wide Law Enforcement Query

10/31/2011 - Some excerpts from the survey's results which asked 837 randomly surveyed respondants from all over the State of Maine, questions regarding their perception of crime, victimization rates and characteristics..

Mainers perceive substance abuse and family issues as contributing to crime: Survey respondents say substance abuse and family -related issues contribute a great deal to the crime problems in Maine. Asked to respond on a four-item scale from "none or hardly any" to "a great deal," respondents related illegal drugs (63.4%) and the lack of parental discipline (53.7) as most responsible for crime in Maine.

Most Mainers feel safe in their communities: 93.8% of those surveyed report felling safe in their community and 87.9% say they are never or almost never fearful of being the victim of a violent crime.

Most respondents threatened with or victimized by violence believe the offender was under the influence: Two-thirds (65.6% of victims believe the offender was under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time the victimization occurred.

Mainers give increased positive marks to local law enforcement performance: 72.5% in 2011 rate local law enforcement as doing a good or very good job in their community. The 2011 rate is significantly higher than the 2006 approval rate of 66.4%.

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