We're Proud He's One of Ours!

8/5/2011 - City Manager Rees' remarks:
Good afternoon and thank for you joining us as we celebrate and honor the 2010 Ganley Award recipient.

I’d like to begin by thanking the members of the Award Committee:
Director of Human Resources Mike Miles
Carlene Kessler of Human Resources
Nicole Clegg of the City Manager’s Office
And 3 prior Ganley Award recipients, Rick Knowland of Planning, Marc Spiller of Public Services and Paul Bradbury with the Jetport.

As in years past, a number of nominations were submitted for outstanding city employees, who exemplify dedication, knowledge and passion for public service. As one of my first official duties as Portland City Manager, I had the privilege to read the nominations submitted in honor of the many unsung heroes who work tirelessly for the city. Reading the stories of how employees went above and beyond the call of duty confirmed what I have already suspected – Portland is lucky to have so many caring and committed people working day in and day out for this community. It’s clear, employees rise for the occasion, give as much of themselves as they can and without question, the residents of Portland appreciate the hard work and passion you have for the job.

The Ganley Award is presented annually to an employee who exemplifies the dedication, knowledge and passion for municipal service that former City Manager Bob Ganley brought to the job.

While I never had the opportunity to meet Bob, I understand from his friends and colleagues that he would be pleased with our selection as he exemplifies the quality of character Bob gave to the city. It is my pleasure to present the 2010 Robert B. Ganley Award to Officer Kevin Haley of the Police Department.
In the past thirteen years, Kevin has been recognized repeatedly for his exemplary service to the City of Portland with more than thirty awards and commendations. Just last year, after witnessing a woman jump from the Casco Bay Bridge, he commandeered a fishing boat to rescue her from the cold waters of the bay. His quick thinking and action helped save her life.
And last summer, while on a routine patrol, Kevin investigated a van parked in a church parking lot only to find that a family of four with two young children were living in the vehicle. Now others may have asked this family to move on, but not Kevin. He called in some favors, reached out to friends and arranged for a free hotel stay, food from area restaurants, connected them with appropriate service providers, and followed up with them to make sure that they were safe and settling in to the city.
Perhaps as telling of Kevin’s qualifications was the fact that his nomination for the Ganley Award came from his own department, local residents, tourists and outside organizations. I was touched when I read a thank-you letter from the Murphy family, who when he saw them waiting in the rain for the bus, pulled over and offered to help, and the handwritten note from Georgia Porter, who had to thank Kevin for locating her stolen car.
When describing Kevin, the same words kept popping up in the nominations:
Someone I can always count on

The city is lucky to have someone like Kevin working for us. He epitomizes the qualities outlined for the Ganley award. From organizing fundraisers to support the city’s self defense class to arranging an escort from Portland to Windham for a soldier killed in Afghanistan, Haley adheres to the familiar maxim of Robert Ganley that good public service is recognized by the substance of the performance, the ability to respond genuinely to the concerns of individual citizens, and attend to voices not usually heard.
Let me conclude with a quote from one of the nominations, “Those of us, who know Kevin well, affectionately refer to him as the unofficial Mayor of Portland – he knows everyone! And if he doesn’t know you now, it’s only a matter of time before he does.” Kevin, I, for one, am looking forward to getting to know you and offer my heartfelt congratulations for a job extremely well-done and an award well deserved.