Burglar Alarm Registration Required

12/27/2011 - Under City of Portland Code of Ordinances, Chapter 2.5, the following policies are in effect with regard to the burglar alarm permit registration process for alarm users:
Beginning January 1, 2012, the one-time registration fee is $45.

There is no yearly renewal fee required. The alarm permit stays in effect as long as the alarm system is in use at the same address.

If a change in the permit occurs, the user will be required to pay a $25 change fee.
Upon transfer of ownership of the property, a new application is required with a one-time registration fee of $45.

False alarm calls will be billed on the following schedule with a billing cycle corresponding to the calendar year:

- 1st alarm No charge
- 2nd alarm No charge
- 3rd and 4th alarms $100 each
- 5th and 6th alarms $150 each
- 7th and subsequent alarms $200 each

Please feel free to contact Emily Cordray, Principal Financial Officer of the Portland Police Department, with any questions.

Please see the Burglar Alarm Permits link for the required registration form.