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Mission Statement


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Mission Statement

The mission of the Portland Police Department is to maintain a safe city by working in partnership with the community to prevent and reduce crime, protect life and property, help resolve neighborhood problems, and protect the rights of all.



Regional Forensics Laboratory

The Metro Regional Coalition was formed to pursue collaborative opportunities for Greater Portland area municipalities, and the Regional Forensics Laboratory is the first completed project of the coalition. A workgroup of evidence technicians from the Metro Coalition participants identified significant forensic equipment which would increase their efficiency, capabilities and environment for processing or collecting evidence.

The lab project was paid for proportionately based on the population of the eight communities: Portland, Cape Elizabeth, Falmouth, Scarborough, South Portland, Westbrook, Windham, Yarmouth and Cumberland County.

Establishment of the Southern Maine Violent Crimes Task Force

The Task Force was put into place at the Portland Police Department in service to all of Southern Maine. Our partners are Biddeford, Scarborough, South Portland, the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office and the U.S. Marshal’s Service. The mission
of the Task Force is to investigate violent crimes and apprehend those persons who have committed crimes of violence.


A key component of community policing is problem solving and CompStat is an important management and accountability tool for identifying and solving problems. Having worked under William Bratton, the former LAPD Police Chief who perfected the CompStat process in New York City, Chief Craig was well aware of the potential public safety benefits of CompStat, short for Comparative or Computer Statistics. He implemented a version of CompStat in Portland during the summer of 2009.

The Portland Police Crime Analyst runs queries on crime data and generates a weekly CompStat report. The report presents crime and arrest data on week-to-date, prior 30 days, and year-to-date basis. The Chief, uniformed command staff, and detectives from the Criminal Investigations Division review the CompStat data during a weekly meeting, discuss emerging and established crime trends, and develop strategies for reducing crime. This weekly meeting also provides an opportunity to share information between the Detective Bureau and Patrol Division, and enables department leaders to keep abreast of the situation on the street so that they can properly allocate resources to most effectively reduce crime and improve police performance.

Authorized Strengths

1 Chief

1 Assistant Chief

1 Commander

1 Major

10 Lieutenants

21 Sergeants

128 patrol officers

Authorized strength is 163

The Department also employs 59 civilian employees that provide various  administrative and support functions.

Community Policing Centers

There are community policing centers in the Parkside, West End, Midtown, East Bayside and Munjoy Hill neighborhoods as well as our Portland Housing properties You can get more information on these centers at http://police.portlandmaine.gov/communitypolicingcenters.asp