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Graffiti Hurts

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Let’s get rid of the graffiti!

Portland, Maine is on a mission to wipe out graffiti on homes and businesses. It is asking residents to help out.

Step 1: Report it

Call (207) 874-8972 to report graffiti on your home or in your neighborhood.  Call 911 to report vandalism in progress.  If you want to report information about taggers anonymously, text the keyword “GOTCHA” and your tip and photo to 274637 (CRIMES). You will immediately receive a response confirming receipt of your message. To submit additional information, just send a reply.

Even if you plan to clean up the graffiti yourself, make a report first. The best way to report graffiti is to call 911 if it is a crime in progress.  If you are unable to make a police report, the next best thing is to file an on line graffiti report.

Step 2: Remove it

If the graffiti is on your property, it’s your responsibility to clean it up. Property owners not cooperating in keeping their property graffiti-free will be referred to the Department of Code Enforcement and may be subjected to penalties and fines.

To report graffiti for removal on city property call the Anti-Graffiti Hotline at
(207) 874-8972.

Graffiti Removal Solvent

Painting Over Graffiti

When graffiti is on a painted surface, the best course of action is to cover it with paint.

Step 3: Prevent it

There are many things residents and business owners in Portland can do to prevent graffiti:

Graffiti Prevention Tips

Report suspicious behavior

If you see someone about to write graffiti or commit any other crime, call 911 immediately. You may report tips about graffiti vandals by calling (207) 874-8972.

Question teens who try to get spray paint

If teenagers ask for spray paint, find out how the paint is going to be used before providing them with it.

Teach responsibility and respect

Your children need to know that graffiti on private and public property is illegal and disrespectful.

Teach community pride

Parents, teachers, and community leaders should help discourage graffiti. The greater the stake a teen has in his or her community, the less likely he or she will vandalize it.

Protect your own property

Although there is no foolproof way to deter graffiti, there are some measures you can take to make your home or business less attractive to graffiti vandals. Below are some ideas.

Other Solutions


There are many advantages when block clubs, neighborhood organizations and other groups band together to protect their environment:

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If you are reporting a crime in progress or other emergency in Portland
Call Emergency dispatch at 911, or (207) 874-8574.


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If you would like to report graffiti on your own property, to generate a police report call 874-8575.


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