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pd fitness

PPD employees and some family members get ready for the five mile run to carry the Special Olympics Torch thru Portland to their Falmouth colleagues across the bridge

          Fitness Testing

A sustained fitness program is an integral part of police work - officer's lives, and the lives of others, will depend on their fitness level . It is an area worthy of consideration for everyone and the City of Portland encourages all employees to consider it in their day to day lives. Fitness is also an important portion of the process and if you are a potential candidate we urge you to review the testing information above.

Not many PD employees can boast the ability to compete at this level, but at this department, we value fitness and we value those that make being fit a way of life. From the Chief on down, sworn and civilian employees train for, and compete in, a variety of challenges. Coming up this Fall is the Patrol Combat Marksmanship Competition, which is being organized by two members of our SRT team. For more information on how you can compete with your team: Click here.