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Monthly Crime Report
The monthly statistics included on this page are preliminary and are subject to change when the final audit of the year is completed. The crime statistics shown are the statistics provided to the FBI's Uniform Crime Report program. The Uniform Crime Report program was designed to provide reliable and consistent crime statistics for the United States. The FBI is responsible for compiling, analyzing, and publishing the statistics. To find out more about the UCR program and crime trends in the US visit the National Uniform Crime Report web site.


Click here to view 2007 and 2008 Uniform Crime Reports

Crime in your Neighborhood
Click a link below to view crime activity for another Portland neighborhood.

Back Cove Midtown
East End and Peaks Island Riverton/N. Deering West End
E. Deering, Ocean Avenue Rosemont/Stroudwater Woodfords Corner

  Calls for Service by Council District
The following reports reflect requests for service for the prior week. A request for service does not indicate that a crime occurred.
District 1
District 2
District 3
District 4
District 5
Some quick explanations for the CFS by council district reports:
Special Attention - Officers check on property at request of owner and/or due to on-going problem activity at an address
Bail check - Officers check an address to ensure resident is complying with bail conditions.
Warrant check - Officers check an address for a wanted person.
Knock and Talk - Officers respond to a house or apartment that is suspected of drug dealing and talk to residents often asking for consent to search the residence.

Arrest Log
The report below shows arrests in the city for the prior week.
Arrest Log