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Officer Bethany Murphy
Youth Services
Contact 233-1151
Years with PPD: 3

Bethany Murphy came to the Portland Police Department in 2008 with an accomplished background and education in health and human services and a love of sports! Officer Murphy attained her Bachelorís Degree in Mental Health and Human Services from the University College of Bangor in 2007. Then later, after an interest in law enforcement, attained her Associates Degree in Criminal Justice. Bethany is originally from Houlton, Maine and spent many hours as captain of various high school teams. In softball she was All-Star and played on almost every sport team! In 1994 Bethany moved to Sacramento, California and worked as a certified nursing assistant while coaching pee wee basketball and soccer teams. After having moved back to Maine in 2000, she continued on this path, working with individuals struggling with various mental and physical challenges, especially with young people.

Some facts about Bethany are:

She has been trained in patrolling on a bicycle and hopes to be out on the streets of Portland on bike when she can.

Bethany is on the Portland honor guard and is trained as a crisis intervention officer.

She has been a mentor to teenagers for many years.

Bethany is a designated marksman with a rifle.

When she is not at work, Bethany loves to be outside and enjoys biking, skiing, camping and hiking.

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