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Andrew Hutchins
Community Services Sergeant
Contact 233-1795

Andy came to the Portland Police Department in August of 1998 and was promoted to the position of sergeant in the Fall of 2009. Most recently Sgt. Hutchings has been working as a supervisor in our Patrol division assigned to the late shift working in the Deering and in- town neighborhoods of Portland. In addition, Andy has been supervising the Search and Recovery Dive Team. Some of the facts about Sgt Hutchings and his career at the Portland Police Department are:

Sergeant Hutchings is a member of the CIT program.

He attended U Maine at Orono and received his Bachelors Degree in Wildlife Management and an Associates Degree in Law Enforcement.

Sgt Hutchings was named Officer of the Year in 2003.

Andy also works as a firearms instructor and as an active member of the Crisis Intervention Team. He has received numerous commendations and citations during his time with the Department and multiple letters from members of the public thanking him for his good work.